Information letter

Information letter

Українська версія тут

40 days of war has changed the life of each of us Ukrainians. We go step by step in new conditions: in unusual challenges, decisions, in work, prayers and fasts for those who are facing more difficulties… We know that our unity is a metaphysical fact! Praise the Lord that unity with Him makes us insurmountable. That is why we reject everything for the knowledge and realization of His will, because He is the Only One Who has the right to our lives, especially to the life of our country! Glory to Jesus Christ!
To this date, in our school, parents have transferred only 30% of payments under contracts.
This is an indicator of serious trials for our families … Therefore, there is a need to pray hard for the financial situation of each of our families and Ukraine as a whole!
We continue to work remotely. Most of our teachers do their work with God’s help and still work to win the war! Thank you very much to all our faithful teachers:
who are in the territorial defense, who are helping our territorial defense, those who are hosting refugees, those who are in constant prayer for our people! We are proud of God’s character in each of you!
And thank you very much to all the parents who work and volunteer at the same time! Thank you for the donations for the school! Imagine that this was also from one family!
We are also grateful to several people from abroad who immediately supported us spiritually and financially without our requests. It helps us. This month, everyone has arrears on our (quite modest) salary: from 10% to 50%. Therefore, any help is very important. May God reward all those who sowed spiritually or materially for our victory! Glory to Jesus that He made strangers our relatives.

Psalm 46:2 : “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

We continue to believe, pray and work for victory!
Those who want to donate money for the needs of the school can use the link.
You can specify the purpose of payment for specific aims!
We bless everyone for wisdom and strength from God!

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